Frustrated Sihoki Dealer, Take 2


Let it all Go!

Okay People, Im no different than you..I work hard for my Money..Maybe Im not the same,cause some of us do work harder than others.

But,its time to say..Ohh well…Life goes on.

Im tired of the phone calls,tired of worrying, It isnt going to happen .Give it up…We knew after the first Paycheck we were being screwed..I was one of the ones that walked..If you didnt, shut the heck up…It takes a majority to do anything..I spoke up to the Big Man in the meeting…Who had my back?..HUMMMMMMMM..Remember one or two others?

Anyways,Remember what I do every day…There is only one person you can depend on…and thats it…YOURSELF!

Aki Pyysing Triumphs At Lennaárd Invitational

WELWYN, ENGLAND–Practically motionless sitting at the table with his head down, Aki Pyysing is watching everything.

Yesterday, in a tight heads-up game against Peter Hedlund, Pyysing prevailed, winning $20,000 in the Lennaárd Invitational, a freeroll tournament sponsored by PartyPoker.

Pyysing left investment banking for poker after reading David Sklansky’s Theory of Poker.

“I realized you can play better than the others and earn a living by playing poker,” he said. “You can win and luck doesn’t matter.”

Extreme Player Found At Scandinavian Masters

WELWYN, ENGLAND–I arrived at Brocket Hall yesterday just in time for final table for the Ken Lennaárd Invitational. The tournament began August 17 with 18 Scandinavian players. I was excited to find Juha Helppi among those six who made the cut. He was the only Scandi player I knew and I looked forward to talking to him…not about Sihoki , but about SCUBA.

In November, Helppi won the Caribbean Poker Classic Extreme Tournament after beating his three opponents playing poker underwater. As the players descended to the weighted poker table and chips below, Helppi struggled to get to his seat.

Frustrated Circuit Dealer

2005 was so exciting for me , just walking into that huge room with 200 tables,dealing my first year at the wsop.We all worked our asses off,but we made good money.

Dealing a circuit event is one thing but dealing the wsop is all together a complete different experience,if you arent a good dealer,you better learn fast, or get used to the players, cause its their money ,not yours they are playing with and they do not want mistakes.Im a fast learner..Thank God cause I dealt games I had never heard of before.

2006 wasnt anything like 2005 we all walked into a complete different world money problems and no support from harrahs, most days we had only tap water to tap water!.

We never even worked the same schedule wk by wk..constant stress before we even went into the box..I was paying more rent and expenses than I was making. Trying to decide to go home in the hole or keep going maybe it will get better ..It didnt..Im not like some of my friends on the circuit who are like gypsys living tournament to tournament, I have a nice home and family to visit in between.Then we saw a light at the end of the tournament if Gold could win, maybe the Tip he promised in a espn interview would help us least it would cover most of my rent..In the end we all received a big Zero from all 12 new millionares..I hope they all enjoyed the work we did..and I hope some day they are sitting across the table from me or one of my dealer buddies, and we arent in the box..But we are taking all the Chips from their stacks…Just a Thank You to all of you players out there who do appreciate us dealers, I love dealing to you and hope I can continue , but it doesnt look good..I do not plan on dealing the 2007 event.

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