Dressing up for Toto HK


Dressing up for poker is always a topic to talk about. What should you wear to a Toto HK tournament? What is up with poker fashion nowadays? What should you wear to a normal poker invitational to your friend’s house?

The main rule of thumb in dressing up for poker is to wear something comfortable. If you are comfortable wearing a suit to the poker table then go ahead and do so. If you are comfortable wearing a polo to the poker table then go ahead and do so. If you like to wear a skirt to the poker table then go ahead and do so. There are no restrictions at the poker table unless specified by the host. For instance, if your host says that the poker invitational is strictly formal then expect to wear your coat and tie or your tuxedo. If your host is lenient then you can actually wear anything you want to the poker table.

What about the casinos? I knew you would ask this question. Well, depending on which casino you are playing at, there are dress codes. If you are playing poker in the Las Vegas casinos then you should certainly dress up a bit. If you are playing poker in suburban casinos then you should not worry about dressing up too much. Still, the rule of thumb still applies, even if you are going to dress up, make sure that what you are wearing is comfortable.

One of the fashion accessories at the poker table are sunglasses. How come so many poker players wear sunglasses? Why do professional poker players always wear sunglasses? One of the more obvious reasons for wearing sunglasses is to avoid your opponents seeing your eyes. When an opponent looks at your eyes, he or she is trying to find out if you are bluffing or not. If you have sunglasses on then the other people will not be able to see what is going on with your eyes. Another reason which makes sunglasses popular at the poker table is that they make you look like a professional poker player. Have you noticed that at the poker tournaments, the poker heavyweights always have a pair of sunglasses somewhere there? Wearing sunglasses at the poker table makes you look more professional.

A fashion accessory that can hide your eyes are caps. Aside from sunglasses, caps can also serve as a great way to elude your opponents. Just tilt your cap a little bit down and you will be able to shield yourself from your competitors. They will be unable to check out your eyes when your cap is tilted downwards.

If you are not a fan of sunglasses and caps then maybe you should wear something else to cover your eyes. What else is out there to cover your eyes? Yes, you are right, a mask! If you are really daring and a bit weird then you can wear a mask to the poker table. Try a Batman mask or a Ronald McDonald mask. But seriously, you should stick to the sunglasses or the cap.

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