How Aston Martin Finance for the new RapideE model is expected soon

According to various sources within Aston Martin, the very first all electric superacar is expected to be released very soon, some even comment that it will be within the next two years, this groundbreaking model will be known as the RapidE. The initial development stages of this supercar will be partly financed by a company based in China known as ‘ChinaEquity’. It has been suggested that will having a whopping 550 break horse power and will be rear-wheel drive, will a range in total of around 200 miles on a single charge. The Aston Martin Finance options provided by this Chinese company, likely means that almost no expense will be spared.

The RapidE supercar from Aston Martin, will up to 1,000 break horsepower, this will mean that it’s going to have a much shorter drive range but will be driven instead by a total of four electric powered motors. This will help it to achieve the all important all wheel drive handling, as well as the torque and required speed. This project will only be developed and released, after the initial 550 bhp rear-wheel only drive model has been on the market for two years.

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