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This is your chance to be in the front end and first to join a brand new interactive 3D entertainment, gaming and social network internet business. Pre-launch is now!

Launch date is September 30, 2008. See for yourself and watch the 2-minute intro presentation at Slot Gacor

WANTED Pre-Associates for new GEM Lifestyle network marketing opportunity! If you are ever at the right time and at the right place, this is it! Be at the beginning PRE-LAUNCH stage of a brand new interactive 3D leisure and entertainment, gaming and social network internet business. The founder is Mark Campbell who is the current CIO of GRAN SCALA (ILD). Gran Scala is a €17 billion entertainment city to be built on 2,025 hectares in the Aragón desert and will include 32 casinos, hotels and five theme parks.

The business opportunity is called GEM Lifestyle and in it has Gem Island which is an all new exciting interactive 3D worlds where players and associates can access: Casino World, Skill Games, Football Stadium, Horse Racing, Motor Racing Circuit and Virtual Multiplex Shopping Mall. All associates will have an individual service office and Gem Lifestyle Head Office that has a 10,000 seat auditorium.

Gem Lifestyle offers all associates a Global Revenue Sharing Plan and intends in 3 Years to float the business on the stock exchange and offer the associates 35% of revenue from the company. This is your chance to sign up today as a GEM Lifestyle Pre-Associate to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

What is Rakeback?

Every poker room takes rake, that’s how they make money. They take a certain percent of every pot, and that’s called rake. The most common percent is 5% with a cap of $3. There’s also rake on tournaments, you always pay a fee to enter an online tournament. As a player you can pay many thousands of dollars in rake, every month. Now days you can get back a percentage of the rake, that’s what called rakeback.

Today you can get rakeback on the most pokersites trough affiliates. The normal percent is 25-60% rakeback. If you have 40% rakeback and you rake $1000 a month you will receive $400 in rakeback, that’s a lot of cash!

There are some networks that don’t allow affiliates to offer rakeback on their pokersites. Ongame is a network who doesn’t allow Ongame rakeback. But you can receive continuous bonuses on Ongame, and in reality that is the same thing as rakeback.

We really recommend you to always sign up trough an affiliate so you will receive rakeback on the pokersite you want to play at. Rakebacktime is a poker affiliate who offers you poker rakeback and poker bonuses on over 20 pokersites. You will earn a lot of money, or save, depending on how you look at it, if you play with rakeback.”

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