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Best-Paying Slots


Where are the highest paying slot machines on the Internet? Let’s look at which online slot machines have the best percentage return and which offer the biggest jackpots.


Best Percentage Return


In Las Vegas and other regulated gaming jurisdictions, casinos are required to meet a minimum payback percentage on their slot machines. Not so in the unregulated world of Internet gambling! Online casinos can set the payback to just about anything they choose.


Luckily for players, some online casinos have turned to major accounting firms to verify the payback of their machines. Most of these fall in the 92 to 96% range. Not bad, but not as good as the 97 or 98% machines available in Las Vegas (at Harrah’s on the Strip, for example).


Here are few of the better-paying slot machines I have found on the Internet. The list only includes casinos that have provided third-party reviews of their payback percentages up to the end of April 2001.


Jackpot City, 103.55%

Liberty Casino, 98.72%

Casino On Net, 96.53%

Yellow Cab Casino, 95.43%

Casino Fortune, 95.38%

King Neptune’s Casino, 95.37%

Caribbean Gold, 95.27%

First Web Casino, 95.14%

Silver Dollar Casino, 95.06%

River Belle Casino, 95.02%

One caveat: Even if a casino’s slot machines have paid out well in the past it is not a guarantee that they will pay out well in the future. For example, the high Singapore Online Casino payout percentages for Jackpot City and Liberty Casino probably indicate that there was a big winner during the review period, which skewed the results. It does not mean that the machines are set to always pay out at that rate.


Biggest Progressive Jackpots


For those who prefer a big jackpot over a big payback percentage, the two biggest progressive slot machines on the Internet are CashSplash and Rags to Riches.


CashSplash has long been the reigning king of online slot jackpots. The machine paid out over $1.5 million to 48 winners in April alone! One recent winner was Debra R who won $109,674.49 at All Slots Casino on Monday 14 May.


CashSplash is available at dozens of online casinos that use Microgaming software, including Colosseum Casino, Gaming Club, Lucky Nugget and Miami Beach Casino.


Rags to Riches is the latest high roller, huge payout progressive slot machine. The progressive jackpot on this $1 slot machine starts at a whopping US$100,000! Hit three Rags to Riches symbols and you will have a chance to spin the bonus wheel where the progressive prize resides.


Rags to Riches is available at InterCasino, Kiwi Casino, The Sands of the Caribbean and other casinos that use CryptoLogic software.


Another progressive slot machine is The Dazzler. I know of people who have won $50,000 or more on The Dazzler. Unfortunately, at least one winner says he had difficulty collecting his prize and had to wait months for his payment to arrive. My recommendation is that you stick with Rags to Riches and CashSplash. But if you want to play The Dazzler, it’s available at Winward Casino and other casinos that use Unified Gaming Software.






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