Week of Horrible Beats안전토토사이트


I knew my luck had to change. It’s not that I was putting bad beats on other people, it’s just that I wasn’t getting unlucky. And that’s all you can really ask for in 안전토토사이. But the facts are that even if you put your money in as a 70% favorite, well, that means you’re going to lose 30% of the time. And, in my run of 18 straight positive days, I had been fortunate to avoid bad beats. That’s not entirely accurate – I’m sure there were some. But there weren’t enough to be heart-breaking or earth-shattering or month-ruining. But I knew that had to change.

This past week, I have had the absolute worst run of luck that I can remember. Sometimes I have bad runs where I’m just not playing well and the cards aren’t giving me anything. Well, this past week, I’ve had the cards to win and put my money in the pot as big favorites, but by the luck of the draw, I’m losing the huge hands. This past week, I’ve had my money all-in as a huge favorite in pots of $4,000+, $2500, and $1200, only to be sucked out on the river. And those are the ones that I can remember. I know there are others.

Two of those pots came today, so I’m trying my best to avoid playing any more because my blood pressure is at an all-time high. So I write here. Maybe it will be cathartic. Or maybe re-living the events will end up with me requiring a new laptop and a patched up wall.

In the first pot ($1200), all the money went in with a board of Ks-8h-6h when I had pocket 6’s. My opponent had Ad-Kh. If you look at the Cardplayer odds, I had about a 94% chance to take the pot. So how in the world did I manage to lose? Running hearts, neither of which paired the board, giving him a flush. The other fantastic pot ($2500) of the day came when I hit a set again, only to be sucked out on the river. Holding 7-7, all the money went into the pot on a board of A-7-9-5 with no flush draw possiblities. My opponent called my all-in with A-5, giving him 2 outs on the river. Sure enough, one of the two remaining aces came on the board, transforming my 95.45% chance to take the $2500 pot into oblivion.

The biggest hand came earlier in the week. Again, I flopped a set, only to be sucked out by a miracle. Holding 8-8, the flop came Ad-8s-3s and all the money went in. This time, my opponent had a legitimate hand – As-Js, giving him a 30% chance to take the $4000+ pot. And of course (well, you already know the ending), the river was a spade.

The odds that I would lose all of those hands is .09%. No, that’s not a typo. That’s one out of every 1,142 (yes, one-thousand one hundred forty-two). So yeah, I’m pissed off. I guess that’s poker (I wonder how many times I’ve said that on this blog). If it weren’t for bad beats, bad players wouldn’t play, and it wouldn’t be profitable. But damn, give me at the very least one out of three of those. Stupid game.

Ok, let’s find a happy place. Deep breaths. Well let’s see, Darby and I picked five out of six NFL football games right today, for a profit of $35. Nice, gotta like that. Plus the Lions won their first game of the year. Do I hear Super Bowl predictions? And Taco Bell was delicious. Blood pressure…slowly…falling.

Well not really, I’m still ill. Writing wasn’t helpful at all. No more poker today. Don’t have the right mindset, and I might make some bad decisions. Gotta get over it though. Back to work tomorrow.

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