Two new bingo halls for에볼루션카지노City


Mexico CityTwo 에볼루션카지entertainment complexes are to be built in Mexico City.

They will offer bingo in several variations, plus have broadcast facilities that will show major sporting events, and allow legal sports betting as well.

The developer is Carlos Riva Palacio Magana, who has a similar operation in Acapulco, where he has property that fronts an entire city block in the Colonia Icacos section. of Acapulco. Among other entertainment features it has a 1000-seat bingo hall.

The Acapulco property will serve as collateral for the Mexico City development. It was personally designed by Magana, and also houses an active Jai Alai complex for seven months of the year, as well as sports book areas, dance club, snack bar, restaurant and bar.

It’s a thriving operation, and he hopes to repeat his success in the capital with the help of $4m loan from private lender Kennedy Funding, based in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Bingo parlours want fruits of the slots

Slot FruitsBritish bingo operators want to be allowed to have high-rolling slot machines in their establishments as part of the new Gambling Bill.

A row has broken out in the UK Parliament over whether slots should be allowed in bingo parlours, They are allowed in street betting shops.

Conservative MPs have tabled an amendment to the gambling bill allowing electronic roulette games, where players are encouraged to stake up to £100 per game, in the country’s 538 bingo halls. According to the Tories, the move followed lobbying from the Bingo Association.

The machines, already allowed in 8,000 high street bookmakers, are known to have made handsome profits for big betting chains. However, they are also being examined by Tessa Jowell, the culture secretary, to see if they contribute to problem gambling.

The Tory frontbench was accused by the government and the Liberal Democrats of promoting casino en ligne francais”hard gambling” to bingo punters only weeks after it launched a high-profile campaign to curb “problem gambling” through super-casinos.

The Bingo Association, whose chairman is the former Tory MP Sir Peter Fry, is thought to believe that the roulette machines would mean a big boost in profits for the bingo halls.

Malcolm Moss, the Tory frontbench spokesman on gambling, who tabled the motion with John Whittingdale, the shadow culture secretary, defended the initiative as part of a “probing amendment” to test the government’s view. He also argues that there should be a level playing field between high street venues. “If they are available in bookmakers, why not in bingo halls?” he asked.

Bingo now the Fashion says Sunday Times

BingoBingo is now a fashionable game to play, writer Claire Sawers says in The Sunday Times Scottish edition.

“According to celebrity magazines, a bingo card is now the hottest ticket in town, she writes. “Denise Van Outen is a regular at a club in north London and Catherine Zeta-Jones throws private bingo parties with Michael Douglas at the family home. Apparently the Queen enjoys the odd game for an evening of good old-fashioned fun. Even a recent Robbie Williams video featured him enjoying a few lines of bingo with Daryl Hannah.

“It has even got its political admirers. Bill Clinton reportedly had to be dragged out of a Blackpool bingo hall by his minders while in town for the Labour party conference in 2002.

“With so many A-list converts, it was only a matter of time before the game attracted the middle classes. Earlier this year Harvey Nichols [a trendy department store], a reliable style barometer, held a Clickety Chicks charity bingo evening in its Edinburgh store. With an entrance fee of £55, the organisers were overwhelmed by the response from the rich and style-conscious, all anxious for their number to come up. The 2005 event is already being planned.

“Scottish bingo clubs in general have reported a surge in memberships from 18- to 35-year-olds. Chris Barr, the operations director for Carlton Clubs, is overseeing the construction of a £5.5m 2,000-seat bingo hall at Fife Leisure Park.

“Carlton Clubs have 75,000 members in Scotland alone, and figures show that about a quarter of these are under 35, a stark contrast to last decade’s figures where the vast majority of players were pensioners. Gala bingo, a competitor, has noted similar changes.

“Mintel recently conducted a study on behalf of the British Bingo Association to find out why bingo fans are getting younger. They reported 40% of respondents under 35 said bingo was far more appealing than it used to be. In London, 9% of those surveyed said they preferred bingo to the health club or yoga. “

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