Things to consider when selecting Steam Boilers



Selecting a new or replacement Steam Boilers can be a hard task. expense will be high on your list but you also want to think of other matters, you have to take into account how much hot water you will be likely to need, the storage space you have available for heating gas fired boiler components and how green the heating boiler is.


The most common Steam Boilers types are:-


Chimney domestic back boilers


In the past back boilers were frequently installed in offices, these are are commonly sheltered behind a chimney, when the coal fire at the front hiding the back boiler. Low water pressure is a problem with these gas back boilers and you will not be putting in one of these unless it is a substitute, installation requires a lot of space and there needs to be somewhere to hide the boiler. Having said this your best alternative could be a substitute if you already have this type of boiler.


Traditionally, domestic back boilers are not very cost-effective, but the more modern versions are more economic, so by changing an aging back boiler, you could make savings in your energy usage and cut your heating bills.


Modern Combination heating boilers


The combi gas fired boiler is now the most popular type of gas fired boiler. Combi gas fired boilers are small enabling them to be squeezed into cupboards and they are cost-effective. Heating water direct from the cold mains removes any wait moment for hot water – as a result you have unlimited hot water.


Combi boilers are more economical than the other gas fired boiler types. There is no hot water storage cylinder reducing heat losses in the system. The downside of this is that combi central heating boilers sometimes struggle to supply several hot water taps simultaneously.


Unvented Central Heating System Central Steam Boilers


A hot water cylinder is used by a system heating boiler to store of water. This will call for space in your office. The other system elements to be integrated into the gas fired boiler simplifying the installation.


Drawing various streams of hot water from various taps simultaneously is now manageable. You will also get good internal water pressure.


Open vent system boilers


a vented boiler is the most common type of central heating boiler. This type of central heating uses 2 water storage tanks, both located in the attic, the airing closet is still required for the hot water storage tank and overall this takes a deal of space.


Mains supply water is fed via one of attic storage tanks to the hot water storage tank.


Water expands when heated and this is facilitated by the 2nd tank in the attic. The only restriction on hot water supply now is the capacity of the hot water cylinder which will take a while to heat up fully.


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