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Of the many businesses that operate on the Internet, one of the most interesting is the online casino. Are these sites legitimate? How do they work? Do they pay off winners? Do advantage players have any shot at making money there? These are all questions that Bill Haywood sets out to answer in

Haywood starts the book explaining the basic foundations of gambling on the Internet, exploring the casino businesses themselves, the folks who develop the gambling software, how one plays and pays, and why most online casinos actually do pay off their winners. This information is authoritatively written and should be valuable to any player before gambling on the Internet for the first time.

Next, the author discusses advantage play against these casinos. They give sign-up bonuses which can be exploited by savvy gamblers. The trick is to do so without tipping the casino off that one is an advantage player so that it will be easy to collect one’s winnings, and the player will be welcome to return at a later date. This is tricky, since the casino has a complete electronic record of one’s activities at their site. So, Haywood tells the reader about how to camouflage one’s play. He also discusses on what basis to choose which casinos and bonuses are worth playing, and how to keep track of who has paid and who hasn’t.

Later in the book we hear about some more advanced techniques for squeaking out an additional edge. We also learn about sports betting on the Internet and the author’s vision for where Internet gambling is going from here. The book ends with three appendices, a list of the author’s experience of good and not so good Internet casinos, information on some of the software providers, and an explanation of how to play basic strategy blackjack.

As a gambling veteran, although one who has not played in online casinos, I found Haywood’s discussions of the gambling and math issues to be accurate and worthwhile. He clearly understands the what it takes to be an advantage player. As someone very experienced in the operation of the Internet, I found his background here to be pretty solid, yet generally understandable. There are advanced Slot Gacor techniques someone with a lot of understanding about the workings of the Internet can use to find out more information about these sites, but I think the author’s depth is just about right for this book.

Overall, this book is quite well written. There are a lot of good ideas packed into this book, readers really get their money’s worth out of, yet the author is under no delusions about what one can reasonably expect, exactly what someone can make, and what it takes to beat the online casinos. This is a must read for anyone who wants to take advantage of Internet gambling, and, frankly, I think this is a must read for anyone who doesn’t want to get ripped off gambling online at all. Highly recommended for anyone interested in Internet gambling.


This book is a comprehensive and honest look at advantage play and Internet casinos. Anyone wanting to make money gambling on the Internet should definitely read this book. In fact, even if one just wants to gamble recreationally on the Internet, this book would be well worth while for its advice on who to play with and who to avoid. I highly recommend as an excellent value for the gambling enthusiast.




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