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We’re one week from the end of the month which means that the keluar sgp for October on Bodog Poker is getting serious. Who has taken the lead this week and is that lead safe? Read on to find out!

We need to take a look at last week’s weekly leaderboard winners first. Here were the winners when it was all over:


  1. quietwinner – 1899 pts
  2. willedtowin – 1897 pts
  3. grewsum2sum – 1672 pts


For his efforts, quietwinner won the chance to play a Bodog pro heads-up for $1,000. It came down to the last day in this particular race. Although willedtowin held the top spot for half the week, he lost 1st place on the very last day to quietwinner. And quietwinner was anything but quiet on the last day when he took over 1st place – he stormed all the way from 18th to 1st in one day! That is truly a dramatic way to end the weekly leaderboard race. Grewsum2sum was in 2nd place when I wrote last week and he finished in 3rd to round out the top 10.


As for the week that’s happening now, here is the current top 10:


  1. HerbTokyo – 1365 pts
  2. willedtowin – 1262 pts
  3. Troy111 – 1250 pts
  4. bigtone52 – 1193 pts
  5. ardie – 1140 pts
  6. L Rocketz – 1135 pts
  7. ParliGod – 1055 pts
  8. manderbutt – 970 pts
  9. papastacks – 938 pts
  10. DARKHELMET13 – 929 pts


It looks like 2nd place wasn’t good enough for willedtowin last week, so he’s back to challenge for 1st place again. HerbTokyo, a player I am unfamiliar with, will try to hold willedtowin off. Troy111, an excellent player who finished 2nd for the September leaderboard race is currently in 3rd place to round out the top 3. There are a couple of other familiar names in that list including ParliGod and manderbutt. ParliGod, who won a weekly race back in July, is one of the most consistent tournament players on Bodog and is almost always found in the top 10 of these leaderboards. In fact, he is in the top 0.34% of all Bodog leaderboard players, which is undeniably impressive. This stat even beats that of Panicked, who currently sits in the top 0.82% of all leaderboard players. As for manderbutt, he hasn’t won a weekly leaderboard on my watch yet, but he did place second on the August leaderboard of this year. Oh and yes, I couldn’t help but bring up Panicked. If you’re wondering where he is on these leaderboards now, he currently sits 36th for the week and 32nd for the month.


Here is my seamless transition to the monthly standings:


  1. willedtowin – 4115 pts
  2. whatever877 – 3770 pts
  3. quietwinner – 3767 pts
  4. Troy111 – 3548 pts
  5. shawncarter – 3290 pts
  6. WillyNilly – 3269 pts
  7. andyvanslyke – 3258 pts
  8. Swany420 – 3164 pts
  9. allornothing112 – 3162 pts
  10. grewsum2sum – 3142 pts


It makes perfect sense that after almost two weeks of great results on the weekly leaderboards, willedtowin is still leading when it comes to the monthly leaderboard after increasing his point total by almost 600. Whatever877 also kept his spot in the standings, increasing his point total by 446 from last week. Quietwinner’s victory on the weekly leaderboard helped him a lot for the October leaderboard and he was able to move up 20 spots from last week to sit in 3rd place this week. Pretty much all of the other names in the top 10 are names we’ve all seen before in previous months. A little over a week remains in this race, so there is still time for some of the talented players a little lower in the standings to step it up and make a run for the top spot.


If you’re interested in a complete list of prizes for these leaderboards, please click here. If you want to see the top 150 for the month or the top 50 for the week from today, click here. Click here for the Bodog network page where all the standings for the month can be found. See you next week!



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